Conspiracy (Penal Code Section 182)

Penal Code Section 182 makes it illegal for two or more people to conspire to:

  1. commit any crime, to maliciously or falsely indict another person for any crime,
  2. get another person to be arrested or charged for any crime, to falsely maintain or move and suit, proceeding or action,
  3. defraud and cheat any person of property by criminal means,
  4. use false promises and/or pretenses to obtain property or money,
  5.  commit any act injurious to public morals or public health,
  6. obstruct or pervert justice or the appropriate administration of laws, or
  7. commit any crime against the Vice President or President of the United States, any state Governor, any U.S. judge or justice, or any Secretary of the executive departments of the U.S.

If at least one overt act is taken to achieve the defendant’s plan, then they can be found guilty of Conspiracy. Conspiracy is a very serious crime and is charged as a felony and punishable by imprisonment.

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